Class Rates

Pay each time you attend a class or take advantage of extra savings when you purchase one of our Class Cards. Class Cards are kept on file at the desk and will be marked each time you attend a class. Class Card Expiration Dates are based on the date of their first use. Please ask our Staff for more details!

Standard Class Rates


5 Class Card - $35 - Valid 12 Weeks

10 Class Card - $60 - Valid 12 Weeks

20 Class Card - $100 - Valid 12 Weeks

Monthly Unlimited - $59 - Valid 4 Weeks

Student Rates

Walk In - $5 (CASH ONLY)

Monthly Unlimited - $39

Express Class Rates - (Zumba in the Circuit & Muevelo on the Mat)

Walk In - $5

Student Walk In - $3

5 Class Card - $20

All Class Cards are valid for the number of weeks specified above. Unfortunately, expiration dates cannot be extended. Therefore, we ask that you please consider prior commitments and potential scheduling conflicts when purchasing your next card. Class Cards are NOT transferable and are considered valid until the allotted number of classes have been used up or the expiration date has been reached (whichever occurs first).

Cash or Check Made Payable to Muevelo Dance Fitness
or Purchase Your Class Card Here Online

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